About Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc.®


Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc. will provide to first year collegiate young ladies interactive educational information, networking opportunities and motivation to achieve success by embracing ethical behaviors. The primary focus of the program is for African American young ladies. The program is available to all college campuses.


The Founder, DaVida L. Anderson, M.Ed. developed and implemented the Strong Sister, Silly Sister , Inc. [SSSS], program during the summer of 2004. She was a student matriculating into her junior year at Purdue University majoring in Political Science.

DaVida witnessed young ladies getting entangled in the social temptations that a college atmosphere can offer. DaVida believed that a program was needed to remind young ladies about appropriate behavior. DaVida stated, “so many times in life we all are faced with decisions. It is not the situation that we face that is harmful but the choices that we make.”

DaVida understood that it was important to reach out to incoming freshman because some are on a campus for the very first time and are trying to discover who they really are. DaVida believed that the students would be better equipped to achieve academic success if they embraced the SSSS program which offers guidance and the ‘how to’ of surviving academically, socially, spiritually, and professionally.

DaVida shared the program vision with Purdue University’s Director of the Black Cultural Center. Since the inception of the program, the Black Cultural Center (BCC) has hosted the program and female freshman, grad students and presenters have benefitted.

The Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc. program received a U.S. Federal Trademark in 2010 and 501 (c)(3) non profit status in 2012.


Our vision is that the Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc. program will motivate first year collegiate young ladies to achieve success by choosing the right life brand, being their best self and impacting others to do the same.